Ing. Kateřina KREISLOVÁ, Ph.D.

SVÚOM Ltd., Prague, Czech Republic, EU

Position: Head of SVÚOM Ltd., Prague, Czech Republic, EU


At the METAL 2014 conference Ing. Kateřina Kreislová, Ph.D. will deliver the invited lecture
at the symposium D: New Development in Technical Standards for Corrosion and Corrosion Protection.


1985            - graduated as Diploma of Engineer (M.Sc.), University of Chemical Technology, Prague, Czech Republic, EU
2008            - graduated Ph.D. study on Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Czech Repulic, EU


professional experience:
1985 -1999         - research worker at National Research Institute for Protection of Materials, Dept. of Atmospheric Corrosion (Czech Republic, EU)
1999 at present   - research worker at SVUOM Ltd., Czech Republic, EU


Main activities:

  • research activity in field of temporary corrosion protection, atmospheric corrosion of metals and their protective systems
  • monitoring of effects of environment on materials, atmospheric testing methods,
  • member of national and international WG for standardization – convenor of ISO/TC 156/WG 4 (since 2011)
  • member of WTG of BREF for category 2.6 Surface treatment of metals and plastics
  • participation in international and national research projects concerning onto materials of cultural heritage objects (UN ECE ICP Effects on Materials, 4th UN FP REACH, 5th EU FP Multi-Assess, Eureka E 316 Copal, Eureka E! 2210 Bronzart, G5RT-CT2001-5036 ISACOAT, FP6-2002-INCO-MPC-1 PROMET, etc.)


Publication activity:
Ing. Kreislová is author and co-author of a number of papers published in national and international journals and publications, as well as in proceedings of scientific conferences:

  • 3 professional books (2 in Czech language, one in English)
  • 6 chapters in the book (in English)
  • 4 papers in international journals,
  • 10 papers in national journals,
  • 20 papers in international conferences,
  • 35 articles in proceedings of international conferences


Selected publications:

  • Knotkova D.,  Sochor V., Kreislova K., Model assessment of stock at risk for typical districts of the City of Prague and Ostrava,Workshop on Mapping Air Pollution Effects on Materials including Stock at Risk, Stockholm, 14-16 June 2000, Sweden

  • Knotkova D., Tichy M., Kreislova K., Case studies – contribution to the REACH project - Reconstruction and restoration of the Municipal House of Prague,  Proceedings, 4th European Commission Conference on Research for Protection, Conservation and Enhancement of Cultural Heritage, Strasbourg,  22-24 November 2000, France

  • Tidblad J., Kucera V., Mikhailov A.A., Henriksen J., Kreislova K., Yates T., Singer B., Field Exposure Results on Trends in Atmospheric Corrosion and Pollution, Outdoor and Indoor Atmospheric Corrosion, ASTM STP 1421, H. E. Townsend, Ed., American Society for Testing and Materials, West Conshohocken, PA, 2002

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  • more than 50 publications in Czech language