KRIVTSOVA Olga Karaganda state industrial university

Spoluautoři LEZHNEV Sergey, PANIN Evgeniy, KLIBER Jiri

Simulation of the stress-strain state of the rolls with the active and the passive experiments needed to determine the stresses, strains and displacements of rolls of finishing stands UWRM -1700 used for the construction of the shape of the active generatrix of profiled work rolls needed to improve the profile and flatness hot rolling mills. The main deformation of four-roll systems is sag and elastic compression of the support and work rolls. Key influence on the quality of hire has a value of deflection of the work roll. The object of research is rolls of finishing stands of UWRM-1700 of JSC "ArselorMittal Temirtau". For calculation the mechanical properties of the rolls used in different versions: LPHNd-63, LPHNd-74, HiCr, ICDP, AS1180xx, HVS80. In this paper we demonstrated the possibility of adaptation of mathematical models of the stress-strain state of the work rolls of finishing stands of UWRM. The impact of various technological factors on rolls necessary to improve the profile and flatness of the strip hot rolling mills was investigated. Deformation modeling deflection of the work rolls in the finishing mill stand was conducted. The model of the deformation of the rolls in the software package Deform-3D was investigated and analyzed.