CHEMAM Abdelbaki Annaba Preparatory School for Science and technology

Spoluautoři BAARA F.

We performed the calculations and recounts the various parameters related to the first quantitative study on the nucleation and growth of a model catalyst dispersed Pd / MgO (100). The formation of small particles of palladium by vacuum deposition of epitaxial layers of MgO, prepared in situ, has been studied by transmission electron microscopy and electron diffraction at high energy. The experimental results are interpreted according to the theory of random nucleation. From this theory, the experimenters get the energy of adsorption and diffusion of palladium on MgO (100). In this study, we were able to vary the average size D of particles 8-35 Å, density n of 0.6 to 3.1012 cm-2 and the covered area A of the substrate surface of 0.4 to 15 percent.