KLANICA Ondřej University of Defense

Spoluautoři DOBROCKY David, SVOBODA Emil, SONDOR Jozef

Coating of the thin layers is a direct way to increase productivity and tool life. To enhance these benefits, there are a number of finishing operations. The paper focuses on changes surface texture of the coated tools after surface finishing of the functional surfaces by the polishing. Changes selected parameters of the surface texture influence the behaviour of the tool and change its functional characteristic. This experiment was carried out on three types of the tools (two profiling tools and forming tool) with different coatings (TiN, TiAlN, nACo®). The coatings were deposited on tools by PVD method. Tools with coatings were subsequently polished. The qualitative assessment of the changes surface texture was carried out by the 3D topography measurement of the surface by using Talysurf CCI Lite on the coated and polished surfaces. TalyMap software was used for evaluation of the changes surface texture 2D profiles and 3D areas. The results in this paper are showing positive influence of the polishing on the surface texture of the coating tools. Parameters of the surface roughness Ra and Sa were reduced in case of polished coatings.