ZHÁŇAL Pavel Charles University in Prague

Spoluautoři HÁJEK Michal, HARCUBA Petr, SMOLA Bohumil

In this study phase transformations in metastable beta Ti-15Mo quenched from temperature above beta transus were investigated by in-situ electrical resistivity measurement. Significant changes in electrical resistivity were detected at 225, 356 and 560 °C. Repeated heating up to 150 °C and to 170 °C was performed in order to prove reversibility of growth of omega athermal precipitates in the material. In order to determine the influence of omega isothermal precipitates the material was aged at 350 °C for 4 resp. 16 hours. The alpha phase starts to appear above this temperature. In order to prove this, the specimens were annealed at 550 °C for 30 minutes and 8 hours. Microstructure evolution during annealing was observed by scanning electron microscopy and by transmission electron microscopy. Microstructure evolution correlates with phase transformations, which occurs during annealing.