KHAN Fareed Ashraf KTH. Royal Institute of Technology

Spoluautoři HASSE Fredriksson

Considering the influence of morphology and phase fraction of graphite on the physical properties of grey cast iron and its importance in the processing cast iron in foundries, the effects of stirring of the melt on the graphite morphology during solidification of cast iron was studied. No such study has been conducted prior to this work. A number of samples were prepared both with and without the addition of inoculants at different temperatures and stages of solidification. By using the SEM and LOM microscopic investigation were conducted. The changes in the structure and phases distribution due to heat treatment of the pre-stirred, quenched samples were also studied. It was observed that the morphology of graphite was effected by the stirring time and temperature. The change in the composition of martensite and ferrite phase, due to stirring was noted. It was observed that the stirring shifts the thermodynamic equilibrium of the system and increases the undercooling accordingly. Impact of convection in the melt on diffusion and segregation were noted.