KARAKUŞ Nuray Sakarya University

Spoluautoři YARALI ÖZBEK Yıldız, ALTUNCU Ekrem, ÜSTEL Fatih

The wire electrical arc spraying process is widely used for surface treatment. Electric arc spraying is an advantageous method in many applications due to its high deposition rate and economical operation. The fast development of cored wires as a feedstock material over the past few decades has made it possible to extend the metallurgical choice of sprayed coatings significantly. New coatings with low porosity and small grains were obtained by arc-spraying. Alloys including Cu-Al intermetallic coatings are new candidates for use in tribologic and corrosion environments because of the combination of low cost and a remarkable resistance to abrasion under different working conditions. In the present work, the results concerning the development of arc-sprayed Cu-Al and Cu based coatings for application are presented. The initial phase contents of coatings were studied by X-ray diffractometry. The optical micrograph was SEM analyses were applied to cross-section of samples.