MOLA Renata Kielce University of Technology

Spoluautoři DZIADOŃ Andrzej

The paper is concerned with two methods of fabrication Cu-matrix fibrous composites, their microstructure and properties. The composites were reinforced with particles synthesized from elemental Cu and Ti powders. The Cu powder mixed with 5 % wt. Ti powder was cold pressed. The next two steps of the fabrication process were: sintering and extrusion (method A) or extrusion and sintering (method B). In both cases, extrusion was performed by means of a KOBO press. During sintering, the formation hard particles containing intermetallic phases was a result of the reaction between the Cu powder and the Ti powder. The above methods can be used to produce composites with reinforcing particles of intermetallic phases elongated in the extrusion direction. It was found that the composite fabricated with method A with sintering followed by extrusion had a lower porosity and higher yield strength.