POKOVÁ Michaela

Spoluautoři CIESLAR Miroslav

Aluminium alloys belong to the most widely used alloys in industrial applications. Their mechanical properties at elevated temperatures can be enhanced by addition of small amount of zirconium. The coherent Al3Zr precipitates are known to improve recrystallization resistance by exerting Zener drag on moving grain boundaries. In the submitted study the recrystallization resistance during isothermal annealing at 400, 425 and 450 °C was studied in a twin-roll cast aluminium alloy from the AA3003 series. Two materials were subjected to 4 passes of equal channel angular pressing at room temperature. As a result, an ultra-fine grained structure with high angle grain boundaries was formed. Isochronal annealing at 450 °C led to instant recrystallization. Materials heat treated at 400 °C recrystallized after 16 hours of annealing. No difference in time required for recrystallization was observed between materials with and without Al3Zr precipitates.