Spoluautoři MACHOVČÁK Pavel, SUŠOVSKÝ Michal, TREFIL Antonín, BROŽOVÁ Silvie, DRÁPALA Jaromír

VÍTKOVICE HEAVY MACHINERY produces a wide range of structural steels for demanding machine parts, such as wind power shafts, pins, gears, etc. Due to the increasing demands of customers to increase the utility properties of steel while maintaining reasonable prices is need to permanently look for ways to improve steel quality offered. One of the options is to optimize the microstructure refinement of grain size and thus achieving better mechanical properties. It is generally known that in order to achieve fine-grained microstructure of steels using a suitable combination of microalloying elements and thermomechanical processing. In addition to standard microalloying elements, such as Al, V, Nb and Ti can also be used cerium, whose inclusions are a suitable sites for heterogenous nucleation during casting. The paper is focused on the influence of cerium on the microstructure optimization of 42CrMo4 steel. The operational experiment was proposed on the basis of the laboratory tests results.