ŁUKASZEK-SOŁEK Aneta AGH University of Science and Technology

Spoluautoři BEDNAREK Sylwia

In this paper an analysis of press forging process of complex shape forming from Ti-10V-2Fe-3Al alloy forged in 900oC temperature was introduced. It is a high-strenght titanium alloy. Metalurgically it is a near-beta alloy. Major adventage of this alloy is its good hot-die forgeability. Ti-10-2-3 is often used for near-net-shape forging applications include aerospace airframes hot-die and conventional forgings, and other forged parts in a wide variety of components. The preferred forging process is controlled β forging. The characteristics of hot deformation behaviour of Ti-10-2-3 was studied using processing maps obtained on the basis of flow stress data generated in compression test realized in the temperature range of 800 – 1100oC and at strain rate ranging from 0.01 s-1 to 100 s-1 . For true strain equal 0.9 one domain of instability of flow it was found be presented and three processing windows was isolated. High sensitivity of strain rate of this alloy it was found. In support of processing maps, observations of microstructures in delivery state and after deformation in controlled conditions which was conducted using Gleeble 3800 simulator and numerical analysis was designed forming of analysed alloy in industrial conditions. Numerical calculations was done by using program based on finite element method QForm 3D. High compatibility of numerical calculations results with industrial test it was found.