ZIMINA Mariia Charles University in Prague

Spoluautoři BOHLEN Jan, LETZIG Dietmar, KURZ Geritt, CIESLAR Miroslav

Weight reduction is one of the major issues in many industrial areas. New structural materials which meet the highest standards, good mechanical properties, such as strength and ductility, and thermal stability are required. Aluminium and magnesium alloys attract the particular attention because of their light weight. Among the various methods of manufacturing lightweight alloys, twin-roll casting is nowadays frequently used for producing of flat rolled magnesium materials. This cost-effective process has beneficial influence on microstructure and segregation reduction. The mechanical properties of such materials are remarkably better than ones of conventionally cast alloys; nevertheless, the continuous casting technique is characterized by strong texture of the rolled strip. The present paper reports the comparison of microstructure and texture of twin-roll cast AZ31 magnesium strip in the as-cast and annealed states. The microstructure studies were made by light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. The texture was investigated using X-Ray diffraction and electron back-scattered diffraction.