BROŽOVÁ Silvie VSB - Technical University of Ostrava

Spoluautoři PUSTĚJOVSKÁ Pavlína, JURSOVÁ Simona

In the context of economic changes is to highlight highlight the demand for new, alternative ways of recycling materials. Also currently rising raw material prices and demand for cheaper raw materials that could suitably replace the existing one. One area of current interest is waste management. Especially in our region is the issue of recycling and reuse of waste materials economically very relevant with regard to the industrial character of the region, a high proportion of old environmental burdens and very promising economic prospects treatment of certain wastes. Basic approaches to solving it is necessary to focus on the complexity of processing different types of waste. Usually, the first sets limits for the energy, and the material page. Followed by adjustment of the input when the waste separation process categorizes the part of recyclable and non-recyclable portion, which can be processed biological and thermal treatment. Environmentally can handle only a fraction of the waste. Therefore, efforts orient mainly on modern trends using plasma technology to treat waste or unusable, including municipal waste.