Spoluautoři DUŠEK Pavel

Technical standards are developed by a panel of experts, within a technical committee in frame of various standardisation organisations – the most important are ISO and CEN. The most of technical standards for evaluation and testing of corrosion and corrosion protection including standard for terminology are elaborated in ISO/TC 156. There are other technical committees or subcommittees for each type of corrosion protection (paint systems, metallic coatings, cathodic protection, vitreous coatings, conversion coatings, ….), e.g. ISO/TC 107, ISO/TC 35, CEN/TC 139, CEN/TC 219, CEN/TC 240 and CEN/TC 262. In Czech Republic the activity of all these TC are covered by TNK 32. The paper presents the most important news in this technical standards´ development during last 2 years. From their large number the most important standards (newly developed or significantly changed) are mentioned in details.