KARAKULAK Erdem Kocaeli University

Spoluautoři YAMANOĞLU Rıdvan, ZEREN Muzaffer ZEREN, DÜNDAR E. Evren

In this study different amounts (up to 15 wt-%) of pure nickel powders were added to pure aluminium powders. The powders were mechanically mixed using a ball mill for 2 hours. Powder mixtures were sintered at 600 ⁰C for 15 minutes in a hot press under vacuum. Microstructures and fracture surfaces of the specimens were investigated using a scanning electron microscope. The density, hardness and wear properties of the sintered compacts were studied. Density and hardness of specimens increased with increasing nickel content. Maximum wear resistance is obtained with addition of 10 wt-% nickel. Worn surfaces of the specimens were investigated to understand the wear mechanisms.