KIM Mok-Soon Inha University

Spoluautoři JANG Kwang-Seon, KIM Jewoosoo

Powder metallurgical (P/M) Al-Si-Fe based alloys are potential light-weight materials for automotive engine components owing to a high specific strength and excellent wear resistance. The P/M process could result in a refined and uniform microstructure by adopting a rapid solidification technique and suitable consolidation method. In this study, a series of Al-Si-Fe based bulk alloys was fabricated via the powder metallurgical route involving a gas atomization technique and subsequent consolidation by SPS (Spark Plasma Sintering) method. The SPS provides a limited coarsening of microstructure and shorter processing time. Using the SPS’ed materials, microstructural characterization was made using OM, SEM and TEM. Mechanical properties were investigated up to elevated temperature.