TOPLAN Nil Sakarya University

Spoluautoři ATAK Oğuz, IÇTEN Onur, TOPLAN H. Özkan

The aim of this study; is to improve wear resistance of rasp which used in paper industry drying phase by using thermal spraying coating technique. Improving the wear resistance of coated rasp used in the paper industry with the development of a large part of the production process is automated, wasting paper will reduce wear and frequent blasting Improving damage paper should be changed to block the line of continuity with the production process will be provided. Plasma spray coating and powder flame spraying (spray powder fusing) techniques Metco 106 (Cr2O3) (75%)-Metco 102 (TiO2) (25%) mixture of powder and Colmonoy 705 (Ni-Cr-B-WC), using the steel powders substantial coated by abrasive blasting. Wear Test ASTM G65 abrasion resistance of coatings produced were determined.