BRZÓSKA Jan Silesian University of Technology

Companies operating under conditions of global economy which can be characterized by increasing international competition, search for sources and methods to reach profitability and competitive advantage. At the moment, the most important is to create and implement various kinds of innovations. Attribute of innovations is the changes and innovativeness that is why they allow creating new value for clients. Ability to innovativeness depends to high extent on knowledge management, which is the basis to build the innovation process. Subject of the paper is innovations management at a company, in particular process of creating and absorbing innovations that allows providing a client with new value. The paper analyses the principles and evolution of innovation processes creating concept, it assesses also their usefulness for the practical management at a company. It points out the meaning of cooperation with clients and partners in order to create value within the innovation process. Purposes of the paper is to present practical process of creating innovation at a metallurgical company able to use own and outsourced innovative solutions. It presents the concept and structure of the process as well as its relationships with the surrounding as well as the external processes at the investigated company. The paper shows the role of process and marketing innovations for the dynamics and changes of the company business models. The analysed case study concerns the process of implementing innovation at average size metallurgical products servicing and trading company