KABOLI MALLAK Seyyed Kamran Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

Spoluautoři KIANI-RASHID A.R.

Formability of cast irons as a challenge at specification of producted samples that are used for special applications, has always been a matter of concern for researchers in casting alloys field. A new severe plastic deformation process for formability of cast irons named cylinder covered hot compression (CCC or CCHC) is presented by the present authors. In this study, special type of cast irons named ductile cast iron, have been manufactured by casting. Samples annealed in order to better ductility in forming and then conducted the austenitising processe at 950 C for 1 hr and hot pressing in 33, 50, 66, 83 and 92 % reduction in height respectively. The results obtained from metallography method, processed images of optical and electronic microscope and also mechanical tests on existing samples admit that as the reduction increases, the shape of spheroidal graphite tend to lamellar that leading to different properties.