DERFOUF Semch-Eddine Mohamed Khider University of Biskra

Spoluautoři MESSAOUDI Salim, MAAMACHE Bouzid

the aim of this work is to highlight various expertise characterizations used in electric arc welded field of an industrial low carbon steel plate, the proposed steel with the chemical composition of %C 0.19 Wt , %Si 0.25 Wt, %Mn 0.40 Wt, %P 0.025 Wt, %S 0.015 Wt, % Al 0.09 Wt, %Mo 0.009 Wt, % Nb 0.05 Wt and % Ti 0.03 Wt. The plates with thickness of 2.6 mm, it is called BS2 and it used in the gas storage manufacture. The electric submerged arc is the welding process used to assembling parts. this steel manufacturing by various processes which are responsible for deformations such as mechanical deep stamping and thermal deformation such as welding and annealing. Note that in this working part, the behavior of thermal deformation that is invested by the proposed characterizations. Essentially the electric arc welding like many other processes causes a noticeable disturbance of the mechanical parameters, as well as micro-structural and also textural character. The mechanicals properties evolution is reflected by different microstructure and represented by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and electrons back scattered diffractions (EBSD) characterizations on different specimens which showing clearly the different areas affected by the welding process. And in order to know the main phases in the welding regions, X-ray diffraction (XRD) has been used. micro hardness test and tensile test were also performed.