Spoluautoři KOLDOVÁ Lenka, PODJUKLOVÁ Jitka, SIOSTRZONEK René, PĚNIČKA Zdeněk, MENSHIKOV Vladimir Viktorovic

This contribution focuses on the short-term corrosion protection production materials. Conservative ability of coatings applied on materials metallurgical performance for short - term anticorrosive protection study is a current topic. Experimental section deals with testing of coating system on the substrate. The choice of the protective coating system depends primarily on the expected or planned service life of corrosion protection provided by barrier method restrictive access to water and corrosive components from the environment to the substrate material. The coating system was paint by nano inhibitor water-soluble acrylic based which has been based on sample STANDARD from low carbon steel. STANDARD samples were supplied with a defined surface treatment and roughness used for laboratory tests and to develop of coating systems. The coating system was applied by pneumatic spraying. The purpose of mechanical surface treatment is mainly to get rid of the surface material impurities. The relief of the substrate surface, cleanliness of the substrate surface before coating application and the appropriate technique of coating application on the substrate are important factors influencing the quality and service life of coatings. Applied coating system was exposed to artificial salt spray atmosphere and a corrosive solution which is used for testing by the so-called accelerated immersion test. Following was the evaluation of degradation and adhesion of the tested coating system. The results of the experimental part showed that the coating showed high ability of adhesion to the base material. Also corrosion test in corrosion chamber and immersion test showed very interesting results.