KONONOV Alexandr St.Petersburg State Polytechnical University

Spoluautoři NAUMOV Anton

The austenite amount in grain-oriented electrical steel during hot rolling is very impotent parameter. It influences on structure and texture of hot rolling bands and on distribution and size of precipitations. In this paper austenite-ferrite ratio variation at high temperature (800-1300 °C) was studied. There are two types grain-oriented electrical steel with different carbon contain were investigated. The research consists of two parts. First part is about calculating austenite volume fraction in grain-oriented electrical steel in high temperature. The calculation was carried out in program ThermoCalc. Second part is about physical experiments, which was provided on Gleeble 3800 system, optical and scanning electron microscopes. In this part specimens were heated up on several certain temperatures and then were quenched. The products of austenite decomposition (perlite or martensite) in metal were detected. In present research volume fraction of these products was determined and this volume fraction was assumed as amount of austenite at certain temperatures.