SANIUK Sebastian University of Zielona Góra/Faculty of Economics and Management

Spoluautoři SANIUK Anna, CAGÁŇOVÁ Dagmar, ČAMBÁL Miloš

Nowadays changes are becoming faster and more unpredictable. Enterprises have to react very fast for challenges and opportunities of the business world. Therefore, an importance of well thought-out strategy and quick, effective strategy realization are underlined in literature. The method of the control of the strategy realization is presented in the paper. This method based on the Balanced Scorecard approach, which is more popular and often used in the world. The implementation of the proposed method allows strategic goals very quickly to be implemented and realized. The suggested solution is dedicated for companies which make metallurgical production. The process of production order receiving is closely connected with strategy implementation. Thus, production orders are realized according to the new implemented strategy.