TKOCZ Marek Silesian University of Technology

Spoluautoři GROSMAN Franciszek

The main objective of the paper is to demonstrate the potential of an unconventional metal forming method – incremental forming with a set of segmented punches. The method can be used to produce ribbed parts with high surface to thickness ratio, e.g. integral panels in the aircraft structures. A unique laboratory device to study this forming process has been launched at the Institute of Metal Technologies in the Silesian University of Technology, Poland. It utilizes a set of moving rolls for exerting load consecutively on punch segments clustered in several sectors of a punch retainer. Only a few punch segments penetrate into a workpiece surface at the same instance of time. Moreover, indentations in the workpiece are produced gradually – by summing small indentations made in the several successive passes. Therefore, a considerably lower press load is required as compared to the conventional forging of the same part. The material flow differs significantly in these two processes as well - more homogenous strain distribution can be obtained by means of the investigated incremental forming method. The key process parameters have been identified and, basing on the numerical simulation results, their effect on the press load as well as the material flow is discussed.