KARAMAN GENÇ Serhan Trakya University

Spoluautoři ÇETİNARSLAN Cem, ÖZEL Kaan

Today, ferrous metals includes large part of industry in the world although many non-ferrous metals and other materials discovered. Steel and cast iron are the important ferrous metals because of their mechanical, physical properties and behaviors. After the discovery of the nodular cast iron, it began to burst into prominence. Because, its similarity to steels from the point of mechanical properties and to cast irons in terms of chemical and physical properties. Besides, nodular cast iron has low cost, good castability and convenient machinability property. In this study, GGG40, which is widely used in modern industrial production was chosen as test material. The test specimens with different diameters 20 mm, 25 mm and 30 mm were prepared by casting. Thin section casting is the fundamental point of this study. Then, tensile tests, brinell tests and spectrum analysis were performed and investigated.