PLUNDER Karel VSB - Technical University of Ostrava

Spoluautoři VOZŇÁKOVÁ Iveta, JANOVSKÁ Kamila, KRČ Michal

As we have realised there is a gap in the research of problematics of drawn and rod wires in the Czech Republic, we have decided to arrange a survey dedicated to this problematics. Our work has been focused on statistics of drawn and rod wire used in different areas. First area of our research was dedicated to import and export of drawn and rod wires in Czech Republic in years 1999 - 2009. The secord area of our research has been focusing on production statistics of drawn and rod wires. In the last part of our research we have tried to measure the ratio between the total production and the total volume of drawn and rod wires used in the Czech Republic. Some of the results achieved during our reserach can be considered rather unique and innovative and as per our information has not been published previously - for example the steady growth in the import of drawn and rod wires, as well as production ration between drawn and rod wires. Therefore we are presenting the interesting overview of this problematics that is moreover enhanced with many unique information and results looking at this problematics from the completely new angle.