WRÓBEL Marek AGH, University of Science and Technology

Spoluautoři BURBELKO Andriy

CALPHAD-based calculations, for quite some time now, have been very useful and convenient way to obtain data needed for modelling of solidification process. Among scientists, interested in and working on the topic, knowledge of existence of software for thermodynamic calculations is widely spread, but at the same time its usage is limited. A significant amount of time has to be invested if one is to be able to utilize such program. This may, unfortunately, prevent new users from arising. An example of the application of data retrieved employing Thermo-Calc will be presented. Restrictions regarding calculated system and data itself will be specified. With employment of the programming interface, namely TQ, comes new look upon the problem. One no longer needs to derive formula for desired property as a function of specified condition(s) to input it into modelling algorithm. Instead one can make thermodynamic computations and “on the flight” send the results to the working modelling program. Still, knowledge of Thermo-Calc is essential to use the programming interface. Here with help comes specially designed code that enables those not working with TC to exploit benefits of thermodynamic calculations combined with TQ interface. Examples of using the program will be given together with display of simplicity of theirs employment. Justification of applying such approach in modelling of, among the others, solidification process will be given.