DAŇO Matej Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

Spoluautoři JAKIMOWICZ Marek, SANIUK Sebastian, VIDOVA Helena

The present article is focused on the multiple practical application of Poka Yoke method on the selected workstation in an industrial enterprise, which operates in the mechanical industry and which is among the world`s leading manufacturers of seats skeleton for automotive industry. In the article is captured step by step progressive rationalization of semi - automatic workplace, which is used for easy putting on a rubber seal on a mechanism for regulation of car seat movement - forward and backward. Despite the relative simplicity of the whole operation, quite a lot of failures were occurred at the beginning of production caused by human factor. For this reason, the authors of the article suggested several proposals based on observing and analyzing the causes of failures, in accordance with Poka Yoke method. Proposals are as follows: Laser sensor, which provides presence of the rubber seal in the groove, a pressure sensor, which controls the correct position of holders, slots for check the correct length of the manufactured product, a simple hydraulic device, for blocking the removal of the product from a nest in case of failure, intelligent printer, that prints the barcode only after the whole completion of the operation, next the so called double button for a protection of the operator health and finally the warning label for visual control of finished product by operator. Specific reasons for rationalization, their benefits and costs together with detail photo documentation are the content of the article.