DUCHÁČEK Jan VSB - Technical University of Ostrava

Spoluautoři HEGER Milan,ZIMNÝ Ondřej, MECA Roman,ŠPIČKA Ivo

There exists a lot of technologies in metallurgy, which need to know certain specific parameters of surface of processed materials or tools. Usually these parameters are acquired by mechanical methods, but these methods can be successfully replaced by exploitation of active optical methods as well as passive optical methods. In the paper are presented some of the approaches of exploitation of optical methods for acquiring the global and local parameters of surface. As an example can be used the monitoring of degradation of operational areas of production tools and devices or quality of surface of produced product. For the most of the active optical methods was used laser beam devices in combination with methods of image analysis. These methods enable acquire 3D information about monitored surface. By processing of these informations could be acquired entire relief of monitored surface as well as localization of important surface anomalies.