Spoluautoři MOHYLA Petr, SONDEL Martin

This paper deals with welded joints carried out by 111 (MMAW) and 141 (GTAW) welding method on the P92 steel. With respect to the small size of each region in the heat-affected zone (HAZ), the suitable simulation technique for estimation of the microstructure and properties needs to be prepared. In order to find out the important values for this simulation it is necessary to measure thermal cycles on real welded joints of P92 steel using the set of thermocouples. From the time-temperature curves the maximum temperature of each cycle and cooling rate t8/5 of the main heat-affected zone regions could be determined. This study is the first part of a large experiment from which mechanical, microstructural and creep properties of significant HAZ regions and the weakest point of the P92 welded joints will be defined.