In recent years in the regions of Slovakia a formation and creation of two types of clusters can be watched: mainly technology and tourism. The only region where any cluster has not been created yet is Trenčin. Despite various forms of support being taken over by the creation of a particular cluster, there are registered a few cluster initiatives in this region. Due to the economic structure, the Trenčin region can be characterized as an industrial region with a long term tradition especially in the automotive, engineering, electrical and electronics, textile, chemical and rubber industry. Regarding the requirements of cluster creation the region has got the necessary social and technical infrastructure and the structure of entrepreneurial basis along with a predominance of the small and medium sized enterprises. The aim of this paper is to determine industries branches suitable for the cluster creation in Trenčin region. The analysis of the predominant industries will be made on the basis of Ellison-Glaeser index of industry concentration. This paper was created within the projects IGS FSEV: Cluster policy in the Slovak republic. Project registration number 1/2014, The impact of EU Commercial and Industry policies on the Slovak Republic´s competitiveness enhancement. Project registration number IGS FSEV 3/2014.