Spoluautoři RUND Martin, DŽUGAN Ján

Dynamic tensile testing of structural materials becoming more and more important due to the need to obtain relevant data for designing components in many industries such as automotive and power industries or for FEM simulation. The difference of the material behavior under dynamic loading and quasi-static loading is that the dynamic strength or yield stress usually increases as the strain-rate increases. In many cases there is a lack of experimental material or local properties of material are required. In many cases standard samples are too big and thus miniature samples based techniques have to be applied. The newly developed Micro-Tensile test technique (M-TT) is employed in this paper. M-TT specimen dimensions are based on Small Punch Test sample volume of 8 mm in diameter and 0.5 mm in thickness. The following M-TT samples dimensions are used: thickness of 0.5 mm, width of 1.5 mm and parallel length of 3 mm. For precise strain measurement at high strain rate a high speed camera was used and the obtained record was evaluated by the ARAMIS system using the Digital Image Correlation method (DIC). The dynamic M-TT was verified by a dynamic tensile test performed on standard samples and the results are presented here.