Spoluautoři SMETANA Bedřich, ZLÁ Simona, DOBROVSKÁ Jana, ROSYPALOVÁ Silvie, KALUP Aleš, MICHALEK Karel, VÁLEK Ladislav

Heat capacity of steels is one of the crucial thermophysical parameters used for process behaviour prediction in many applications. Heat capacity is an input variable for many thermodynamical and kinetic programs. The dependences of heat capacity on common variables (temperature, pressure, …) are also commonly used as the input data in software packages that are applicable in the field of applied research for simulations of technological processes. Experimental data of heat capacities can be found in literature, but it is difficult to find data for given steel (with exact chemical composition). The paper deals with the study of heat capacity of real steel grade in the low temperature region. Heat capacity of steel was obtained using DSC continuous method and laboratory system MHTC (Multi High Temperature Calorimeter). Experimentally obtained data of heat capacity were compared with calculated data of heat capacity.