VOLODARSKAJA Anastasia VSB - Technical University of Ostrava

Spoluautoři MIKLUŠOVÁ Šárka, HOLEŠINSKÝ Jan, VODÁREK Vlastimil, ŽÁČEK Ondřej

Magnetic properties (easy magnetisation, low hysteresis loss and low eddy current losses) of grain oriented electrical steel (GOES) depend strongly on the sharpness of the Goss texture ({110}<001>),which is affected by structural inheritance during the industrial production process. This paper deals with results of microstructural analysis on sheets of GOES after the following steps of the manufacturing process: hot rolling, decarburization annealing after the first cold rolling, second cold rolling and final recrystalization annealing. Microstructural analysis and microtexture evaluation was carried out using electron backscattered diffraction (EBSD) in a scanning electron microscope. Grain size development during manufacturing process was evaluated. Precipitation processes were studied using carbon extraction replicas in a transmission electron microscope.