SIDOROV Evgeny Vladimir State University

Single crystal products of metallic alloys allow to secure extremely high operation properties of final products. Single crystal turbine blades of the Fe-Ni based alloys and cast Fe-Ni-Co-Al-Cu-Ti and Fe-Co-Cr-Mo(W) based permanent magnets belong to the main products. Single crystal ingots are also used to study physical properties of metals and alloys. The well-known theoretical knowledge of the processes of the single crystal structure formation is limited by general statements of the crystallization theory of metals and alloys. These statements predetermine perfectly enough the conditions of obtaining single crystals of pure metals and alloys with the zero crystallization range. In the present work theoretical and experimental study has been carried out to obtain single crystal ingots of alloys with the crystallization range by the directional controlled solidification. It is shown that at first dendrite single crystal structure must be formed of alloys with the crystallization range with the subsequent homogenizing. The dependence of the steady growth of the dendrite single crystal structure on the phase diagram configuration, the crystallization character indexes and the growing modes has been revealed.