HEGER Milan VSB - Technical University of Ostrava

Spoluautoři ŠPIČKA Ivo, ZIMNÝ Ondřej, MECA Roman, DUCHÁČEK Jan

Quality of lectures and possibility for students after graduation, which is related to that is significantly dependent on level of closeness to the current techniques and technological practise. Along with the excursion to the specialized companies has important role the possibility to get known better with studied technique and technologies through models. Models could be physical or mathematical. The new type of models is introduced in this paper. It is so called parallel model. This model conveniently combines the advantages of both types of models mentioned above. In this paper is the parallel pedagogical model represented by technology of control of the oxygen converters in steelmaking factory. The correct physical realization of the pedagogical models of some technologies, for example steelmaking processes, cannot possibly include the real chemical and thermal processes, but it can represent precise all mechanical operations. These and others needed technological operations can have parallel realization in the mathematical form in computer. Computer provides synchronous parallel operation of both models and through computer visualization significantly increases pedagogical value of otherwise irreplaceable physical model.