KALUP Aleš VSB - Technical University of Ostrava

Spoluautoři ŽALUDOVÁ Monika, ZLÁ Simona, DROZDOVÁ Ľubomíra, SMETANA Bedřich

The paper deals with the study of latent heats of melting and solidifying real steel grades. Two real steel grades were investigated and values of latent heats of melting and solidifying were obtained. Latent heats are very important quantities for thermodynamic and kinetic modelling. These data are also valuable for many SWs used for technological processes modelling. The obtained data can serve for the addition and enhancement of many thermodynamic databases. Latent heats of phase transformations were obtained using DSC method (differential scanning calorimetry). Setaram MHTC (Multi High Temperature Calorimeter) Line 96 equipped with 3D DSC sensor was used for measurements. Controlled heating/cooling of alloys was conducted at the rate of 5 K/min. Comparison and discussion of experimental and calculated (Thermocalc, IDS) data was performed, too.