Spoluautoři HOŘÍNOVÁ Lucie, GARZINOVÁ Romana

This paper is focused on degradation mechanisms acting on crystallizer and their interpretation in modeling the crystallizer lifetime by support lifetime management of crystallizer using Weibull distribution. For more accurate modeling of various degradation mechanisms scope of the crystallizer and the effective management of the lifetime of the crystallizer the crystallizer were did division into three regions, where each of them were defined its weight by different ways of the degradation mechanisms and refined by the action of various degradation mechanisms on the lifetime of the crystallizer as a whole. On the basis of this information was then carried out an effective assessment of the residual lifetime of the board’s crystallizer. Such an assessment can then be used to support production scheduling and maintenance. In the field of production scheduling interpretation of degradation mechanisms are used in the compilation of sequences and the number of fusions of sequences so as to maintain the required production quality. The maintenance has to minimize effect of surface defects on the crystallizer’s plates on continuously cast slab and to optimize the exchange of plates.