BEZOBRAZOV Yuriy St.Petersburg State Polytechnical University

Spoluautoři KOLBASNIKOV Nikolay, NAUMOV Anton

The influence of continuous mill 2000 hot rolling parameters on the high strength dual-phase (DP) steel with experimental chemical composition structure evolution was investigated. In developing hot rolling schedules to obtain dual-phase microstructure modern computer and physical simulation methods are used. Computer simulation of structure and mechanical properties formation was realized with the help of Hot Strip Mill Model (HSMM), ThermoCalc, AusEvol+ programs. Physical simulation of metal thermomechanical treatment was made by Gleeble-3800 using «tension-compression» technique. Varying the thermomechanical treatment parameters the ferrite-martensitic (FM) dual-phase steels strength class DP780-DP1180 are received.