MISHIN Vasiliy Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University

Spoluautoři BEZOBRAZOV Yuriy, SHISHOV Ivan, GLUKHOV Pavel, MATVEEV Michail

Strip destruction in edge areas occurs during industrial hot rolling of low-manganese (Mn/S = 4.5-5) 1008 steel on continuous mill 2000. It is caused by detrimental sulfur effect on metal ductility in the certain temperature and strain range. Found that the failure reasons for 1008 steel during hot rolling are edge areas rolling at the failure ductility temperature range and cast strainless structure availability in edge areas at the first rolling passes. Integrated approach, based on a mathematical and physical simulation combination, was offered to hot ductility investigation and non-destructive hot rolling schedules development. Mathematical simulation of continuous cast billet hot rolling was carried in Deform-3D program. Physical simulation of metal thermomechanical treatment was made by Gleeble-3800. The proposed integrated approach was allowed establish the conditions to achieve maximum metal plasticity in edge areas. Developed rolling schedules successfully realized and introduced on industrial environments.