MALCHARCZIKOVÁ Jitka VSB - Technical University of Ostrava

Spoluautoři MICHENKA Vít, POHLUDKA Martin, KURSA Miroslav, KAŇÁK David

Samples of Ni3Al based alloys with hypo-stoichiometric composition Ni-24Al and Ni-22Al were directionally solidified. Rate of directional solidification was between 50-70 mm/h. The samples were used for creep tests at 900 °C. Testing was performed under the load of 200 MPa. For selected samples smaller load was used. The samples were tested in an argon atmosphere. Due to the fact that materials of this type are used in demanding environments, the selected tests were performed in argon saturated with water vapour. It can be said that the significant adverse effect of the atmosphere has not been demonstrated. On the samples after creep were not significant differences in the appearance and quantity of corrosion products on the surface samples. The Ni-22Al alloy exhibits longer times to rupture than the alloy Ni-24Al under the same testing conditions.