GLUKHOV Pavel St.Petersburg State Polytechnical University

Spoluautoři MISHIN Vasiliy, KOLBASNIKOV Nikolay, MATVEEV Mikhail

Cracking problem in slab during continuous casting using finite element method in Deform computer program was solved. The computer model of continuous casting machine (CCM) includes: crystallizer, rollers, secondary cooling section. The rheological properties of investigated steel required for model were received on Gleeble-3800. The thermal stresses in the slab, the strains and stresses during solid crust buckling due to ferrostatic pressure between CCM rollers, strains and stresses in the extension zone were determined. Analysis was carried out using maximum stress fracture criteria, the built-in Deform program. Temperature dependence of fracture criterion limits values obtained by physical simulation of crystallization and slab cooling for different operation modes of CCM on Gleeble-3800.