AMBROZINSKI Mateusz AGH University of Science and Technology

Spoluautoři KRAWCZYK Jakub, GRONOSTAJSKI Zbigniew, PIETRZYK Maciej

New generations of steels (AHSS) have been increasingly developed and investigated by the automotive industry. These steels ensure the safety of users and the range of their applications is developing. However, in recent years an interest have occurred in the application of light alloys, such as magnesium alloys, for manufacturing of car body parts. This interest is mainly due to the weight of those components, the scope of the accessibility and the possibility of production. Use of light alloys in the car body can contribute to safety, environmental regulations and decrease of costs. At the same time possibilities of production of such components, as well as research on their subsequent exploitation, are developing. Proposition of substituting the steel DC03 by the magnesium alloy in manufacturing of bracket (car body part) is presented in the paper. In order to design the bracket made of magnesium, its strength and stiffness has to be evaluated and compared to that of the steel bracket. A new shape of the bracket, that meets assumed criteria including manufacturing and assembly possibilities, has been proposed. Numerical simulations using the finite element method were performed to estimate and verify the new part in terms of its stiffness. Manufacturing process for this part was proposed and validated by numerical simulations, as well. Results of simulations are presented in the paper.