SALCIANU Cornelia Laura

Spoluautoři BORDEASU Ilare, MITELEA Ion, MICU Lavinia Madalina

In this paper are given comparisons between the cavitation erosion resistance of the steel X5CrNi18 - 10 with those given by other two steels, processed experimentally, having approx. 0.1 % C, 18 % Cr, 10 % Ni respectively 0.1 % C, 24 % Cr, 10 % Ni, both hardened mechanically through vibro-rolling. The cavitation tests were performed on a vibrating device with piezoelectric crystal, in Timisoara Hydraulic Machines Laboratory (THML), determining the cavitation erosion characteristic curves: mean depth erosion MDE (t) and mean depth erosion rate MDER (t). The mechanical tests and metallographic investigation justifies the increase in erosion resistance after cold plastic deformation and the decrease of resistance at higher proportions of delta ferrite, due to higher content in chromium. The research conclusions serve for optimizing the chemical composition and manufacturing processes in order to increase the lifetime of hydro mechanical equipment, such as hydraulic turbines, pumps, butterfly valve’s etc.