TKADLEČKOVÁ Markéta VSB - Technical University of Ostrava

Spoluautoři MICHALEK Karel, VÁLEK Ladislav, KOVÁČ Marek, SMETANA Bedřich, ŽALUDOVÁ Monika, ZLÁ Simona, DOBROVSKÁ Jana

The paper devotes to verification of solidification of continuously cast round steel billets with a diameter 130 mm in the ProCAST simulation programme. The aim of numerical modelling realized under the conditions of the Department of Metallurgy and Foundry and Regional Materials Science and Technology Centre (RMSTC) at VSB-TU Ostrava is the optimization of the production of continuously cast steel in ArcelorMitall Ostrava a.s. Primary simulation was aimed on modelling of the 3D geometry of thermal steady state of computation and prediction of metallurgical length. Input parameters of computation were determined by the real conditions of the casting. Material properties of the individual components of the casting system were defined by the CompuTherm thermodynamic database, by selecting from own database of ProCAST, and finally checked by calculation of the equations generally used to determine liquidus and solidus temperatures of steel. The thickness of the solidified shell of the strand was predicted. The thickness of the shell is of the essence when assessing the risk of a breakout. Further, the metallurgical length and the two-phase zone were also predicted. In the next phase of the research the attention will be focused on the verification of the heat transfer coefficients and numerical modelling of stresses occurring during of continuously cast round steel billets.