Spoluautoři FEDORKO Mikoláš, POLÁKOVÁ Ivana, MALEČEK Ladislav

Induction heating is today wide used technology in industry in huge range of fields. Solution of this process contains both solution of the electromagnetic field and solution of the thermal field. In the past were knowledge and experiences obtained mainly form experiments but at the present time is possible to study induction heating phenomena using modern numerical method especially the finite element method. The numerical solution helps to understand induction heating more complex and points out critical issues. Big advantage is use the numerical solution for induction heating coil design. This approach can avoid of long-lasting and expensive experiments with different variants. This paper deals with FEM simulations of induction heating. There are electromagnetic and thermal field taken into the account. The material properties are obtained on the base of material chemical composition. The numerical model considers thermal dependant material properties. Different coil design is considered and variants are compared.