BOBEK Michal University of Economics in Prague

Metallurgical companies are specific with huge initial investment and high demand for energies and raw materials. This paper presents an analysis of profit and loss statements of Czech metallurgical companies in the period 2004 – 2012. The analysis identifies the main sources of profit or loss of these companies. The analyzed companies are divided into groups on the basis of the criterion of company size (small, middle-sized and large ones) and the primary focus of their activity (production, selling or mixed companies). The first part focuses on the structure of revenues and expenses taking into consideration the specifics of Czech Accounting principles. The analysis shows the importance of gross margin for selling companies and of added value for production companies; however there are also significant differences between the companies of different size. The analysis also reveals the roots of some losses of the companies. The second part analyses the revenues from goods and from production as the main factors of the results of the company. As the analyzed period covers the time of financial crisis, the results are compared to the development of broader Czech and European economy.