OSTROUSHKO Dmytro VSB - Technical university of Ostrava

Spoluautoři MAZANCOVA Eva, SAKSL Karol, Milkovič Ondrej.

Surface coatings protection is one of the most important processes ensuring efficient and economic use of basic materials, mostly of lower-quality. At interface of clad and basic material intermetallic phases are formed, representing quite different matrix with dissimilar properties unlike the welded materials. One type of surface coating is explosive bonding which belongs to group of pressure welding 1-3. The work is focused on some mechanical properties, micro-hardness in-homogeneities in vicinity of the wave joint both in the basic material and in vicinity of the Ti and Cr/Ni stainless steel matrix weld line. Investigated weld was both in as-received state and after heat treatment carried out at 600°C/90 minutes/air. Phase has been identified by X-ray diffraction performed by synchrotron radiation, and Ti, Fe-fcc, Fe-bcc and Fe2Ti intermetallic phases were detected at interface area.