PETŘKOVSKÁ Lenka VSB - Technical University of Ostrava

Spoluautoři PETRŮ Jana, KRATOCHVÍL Jiří, SADÍLEK Marek

Milling of stainless steels is one of the most challenging machining processes. General aim is to achieve high productivity required surface finish and minimize costs. The main prerequisite for the successful management of these criteria is the perfect knowledge of milling technology. Each type of material has different properties, for example chemical, mechanical, thermal, or other, and it is therefore necessary to choose the correct parameters for the production efficiency. The market has found plenty of companies engaged in the development of machine tools and for these companies may be the issue of testing chip formation in milling stainless steel interesting topic. Most of these companies also deals with the development of inserts. The aim of the research was to obtain knowledge about the properties of stainless steel in face milling. To determine these properties were used practical tests on selected stainless steels. Part of this work is the testing inserts of selected companies and on the results are proposed recommendations on selection of inserts for milling stainless steels with regard to the effective geometry of the inserts.