SCELINA Dawid Silesian University of Technology

Spoluautoři CHOLEWA Mirosław, POSMYK Andrzej, SZUTER Tomasz

The paper presents investigation on near eutectic Al – Si (also inoculated) alloys surface preparation in aspect of electrochemical Al2O3 formation methods. Al2O3 provides base for stable adhesive connection with epoxy as well as other polymer composition. Electroless methods of surface development was proposed as well. By controlling the concentration of the solution, and time of the process it is possible to effectively control the surface roughness. In case of the samples treated by electrolyse the influence of silicon phase morphology in EN AlSi11 alloy on anodizing process in particular oxidation and Al2O3 layer thickness was described.. In the paper following stages was described: electrolyse process, investigation of thickness and life of created Al2O3 coating. Moreover the parameters of electroless surface development process was described in connection with evaluation of quality of the surface. The premise for the presented research was new group of products – spatial skeleton castings. Skeleton castings are elements similar to metallic foams but with highly ordered structure. Repeatability of internal geometry provides predictability of mechanical properties in whole volume of the casting. In the skeleton casting composites by the regulation and prediction of the adhesion phenomena in boundary matrix – reinforcement area the structural and mechanical propertiescan be tailored